Plant Based Weight Loss Meal Plan

  • 4-weeks of plant based breakfast and brunch recipes
  • 4-weeks of plant based lunch recipes
  • 4-weeks of plant based dinner recipes
  • Nutritional calculations for calories, fat, protein, sugar,
    fiber and carbs 
  • Prep tips for the week
  • Printable grocery lists so you know exactly what to get for each recipe


  • Live Cooking Demo with Debbie
  • Gut Health Cheat Sheet
  • E-Book: Itty Bitty Skinny Smoothies
  • 7 Tips for Radiant & Youthful Health

This weight loss meal plan allows you to:

1. Feel amazing and more energized
2. Look younger and have a deeper sense of well being
3. Change up your recipe routine
4. Lose excess pounds and then maintain your optimal weight
5. Eat the best plant powerful food you’ve ever tasted